First look: BUCK

Normally when someone offers me a Buck code I am generally listening properly and don’t get into an incredibly embarrassing situation with our site admin. When that was all sorted out, I was set up to play a ‘Metroid-vania adventure’ about post-apocalyptic dogs.

Wait, dogs?!

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Well, I guess they also need to tell their stories when civilisation ends!

Ok, it’s not actually about real dogs that walk around on four legs and sniff each other’s bottoms, this is a game about anthropomorphised (read: they take on human traits but have fur and snouts and stuff) dogs.

As this is a first look, I’ll be ignoring all the bugs that may have cropped up. Also, I was given a game code for this review, blah blah blah legalities SORTED!

Dungeon of the Endless - Cootie review

There's got to be one thing said for hard games. Like aew good to grab hold of, bounce on... no wait... don't bounce on the game, it won’t end well for your machine. 

This game is hard. At the start it has two game modes which are aptly named after me at the end of a Saturday night; easy and very easy. I don't know if there are others yet, because I can only finish this game on very easy. This game is tough, and if you manage to complete it on your first go then that's quite frankly amazing.

In this game, you play as the escaping crew of a prison ship shot down by planetary defences. Your escape pod is built better than that Brad who is always in the gym and quaffing five litres of protein shakes a day, because it somehow manages to penetrate (teehee) twelve floors into a luckily-placed dungeon. You start with two people, and must navigate a randomly-generated labyrinth of rooms to the lift.

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