Dungeon of the Endless - Cootie review

There's got to be one thing said for hard games. Like aew good to grab hold of, bounce on... no wait... don't bounce on the game, it won’t end well for your machine. 

This game is hard. At the start it has two game modes which are aptly named after me at the end of a Saturday night; easy and very easy. I don't know if there are others yet, because I can only finish this game on very easy. This game is tough, and if you manage to complete it on your first go then that's quite frankly amazing.

In this game, you play as the escaping crew of a prison ship shot down by planetary defences. Your escape pod is built better than that Brad who is always in the gym and quaffing five litres of protein shakes a day, because it somehow manages to penetrate (teehee) twelve floors into a luckily-placed dungeon. You start with two people, and must navigate a randomly-generated labyrinth of rooms to the lift.

Remember where we parked the car!


But it's not that simple! Your shuttle's power crystal is the only thing capable of powering the lift. It can also power the rooms you find. Powered and lit rooms are safe. Dark rooms are fun. And by fun I mean they can spawn nasty meanies that want to pop a finger up your bum. Every time you open a new door, you progress time one 'turn'. A turn signifies several things, such as gathering resources from any built stations, and causing waves of monsters to spawn. Monsters have several behaviours, but their aim is to destroy your crystal.

Oh look, the Heavy from Team Fortress! First time I've seen him in another game(!)


Let's start with the resources. You've got a few; industry, with which you build things, science with which you research things, and food, with which you scoff to forget how mean your childhood bullies were. There is also a fourth resource; dust. Dust is what you use to power your rooms. You can generate the first three by building specific generators, but dust is generally found in new rooms and by killing monsters. Every resource is important, and the importance changes the higher you ascend.

Yes, these are my turrets. Yes, my hand is on fire. No, I don't know what that is behind me.


So you have your heroes scurrying around a dungeon, opening a door at a time, building defensive turrets, and hoping that you have enough dust to power the next room. Your heroes are incredibly important, because when they die, surprisingly, that's it; they're dead. Combat is automatic with you only able to move them from room to room, or activate special abilities. You can level up your heroes as you progress using food, and equip them with items you find or manage to buy from the creepy shopkeepers and their pugs. You can buy a tutu, which is fabulous. You may even find more heroes in the dungeon, whom you can add to your party up to a maximum of four.


b_500_500_16777215_00_images_dote8.pngI accept Visa and Winalot


That's the game play in a nutshell. You have to choose which rooms to light up, and mitigate the unlit ones using carefully placed heroes and defence turrets, find the exit, all the while protecting your original crystal from the nasties. When you've found the exit, it gets a bit tense. You have to unplug your crystal and run it to the exit. While this is happening monsters constantly spawn in every unlit room spewing unbridled sass. Do this twelve times and you win!


Run you bandy legged knob!


So personally I enjoy this game. It's a challenge, you can save mid game (a successful game takes about two hours) and the art and music are fantastic. I definitely give this a Cootie snog of approval!

Play this game if you

                    Like strategy
                    Like a challenges
                    Appreciate a turn based rogue lite dungeon crawler


Don't play this game if you

                    Are after instant gratification and action
                    Don't like tough games
                    Don't appreciate lovely bit crushed music and pixel art

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