Week three: a new neighbour

Dear Diary,

It's been quite some time since Lewis departed.  I know why he was so unhappy and left, it's because his base had been raided and I wouldn't give him any C4 with which to retaliate.  To be fair, at the time, I didn't know how to make C4 and it's the toughest thing to make on this island, so asking me to magic it out of nowhere seemed a little silly.  Left to my own devices, I have been quite busy.  I found a hollowed-out wolf skull and wore it like a hat.  The look is rather gruesome, so here's my shadow, which I'm sure you'll agree evokes memories of Teen Wolf with Michael J Fox.


I also found a partially-destroyed water bucket.  This blue bit of metal had a section missing from it and a grille in place of the metal, so I popped it on my head and found it to be rather fetching, along with reducing the risk of headshots.  Sadly, I lost my improvised helmet when I got attacked by a bear.  Speaking of which, the most peculiar things happen on this island.  Sometimes, when I fall from a great height or am mauled by a bear, I fall to the ground screaming, only to wake up in my bed.  I find that I have basic clothing and tools with me - and an apple - but when I return to where I remember being last before waking up in bed, a dead body is there.  Dressed in my clothing.  Bearing my face.  Surrounded by flies and carrying everything I had before whatever happened happened.  It's a very, very strange feeling, when you're stealing your own stuff back.  And I know it's my stuff and my body because I scrawl things on my paper map.  And there it is, my scrawlings.  Anyway, when I wake up, I wake up famished and thirsty.  So I tend to go looking for less hostile creatures for food.  Like this chicken!



Now, after a while, Althawadi showed up.  He didn't seem to know what he was doing and needed a bit of help, so I was on hand to provide this help.  He doesn't speak perfect English and always says "than" instead of "then", but he seemed like a nice enough kind of chap and I shared my base-building expertise with him.  He moved in quickly, taking the space that was left when Lewis went (I'd deconstructed Lewis's base with my special magic hammer) and now has a front door he can't open because he lost the key.  Which is a shame, since he adorned it with some rather lovely carved-out pumpkins.  I am loathe to say jack-o-lantern, dear Diary, for it's terribly American, isn't it.


Althawadi is all about looking for blueprint fragments in order to increase his knowledge of things to build on this island.  He goes to the power plant every day (occasionally getting shot by the patrolling helicopter) to look for fragments.  As do I.  Though since he's got the power plant, I tend to go to the train yard, south of Draekal's house.  Which, by the way, has had something of a renovation.  Gone are his chainlink fences and up went stone walls.  His compound is now protected by armoured double doors that look very grand indeed.


Well, time for bed, dear.  Tatty-bye!

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