Week four: the cataclysm

Dear Diary,

A while ago, I found a laptop and a CCTV camera.  Then it came to me!  The software on the laptop had face recognition software, but no decent way of detecting faces.  So I managed to put the CCTV camera with the laptop, add an AK47 assault rifle and Bob was very much my uncle, for I had created a turret that shot people other than me!  I placed it on my roof, in case of attack and found that the blasted thing kept me up all night.  It moves and scans the area in a 180-degree arc and in doing so, makes a noise like an old dot-matrix printer, constantly printing out reams and reams of paper.  There you go, that's the price of safety, I suppose.


I spent the following days gathering, talking to Althawadi and Draekal, of course.  Things seemed to be going fine on this island.  Nothing much to report, in fact.  The helicopter hadn't come to attack, the animals even seemed to be more docile than normal.  The only thing was, I wasn't getting any sleep because of this damned turret.  I could switch it off, but then that would defeat the purpose of having it in the first place - no, I had to maintain its function.  And then, just the other night, it came to me: I was exhausted.  I lay down to sleep and even remember the sound of the turret on my roof fading into nothing.  For the first time in a long time, I slept.  That must have been when it happened.


When I woke up, I was near the power station.  Just on the floor.  With a few scant tools again, as though I'd died.  I investigated the power station and found something very odd had happened.  Gone were the nice, clean lines and smooth surfaces of the plant: decay had set in, in a big way.  One of the chimney things had collapsed and what looked like nearly a hundred years of weathering had taken place.  Not only that, but the power plant wasn't where it used to be.  It was laid out in much the same way, but it wasn't just up the road from where I lived.  Then that dawned on me: where's my house?  If nearly 100 years had passed, then what had happened to my house?!  To Draekal and their house!  To Althawadi and theirs?  I ran.  I ran along the road, past the airfield, towards the train yard and up to where Draekal's house had been.  There was a new road.  This was bad.  What had happened?  I passed where Draekal's house was and there was nothing.  As if there was never anything.  Just this new road.  I followed it up to the warehouse.  Empty.  And finally to my compound.  Nothing.


Determined, I took out my pickaxe and started on some rocks.  Venting my frustration at losing it all, even that fucking turret.  CRACK!  How can this have happened?  CRACK!  Where did all my stuff go?  CRACK!  Is someone toying with me?  Next, I took out my hatchet.  There were trees around where before, I had cut them down.  So I went at them.  They seemed to be mocking me, nature usurping what man had built.  It all comes down to this in the end.  Nature always wins.  Then I heard a familiar voice.  Draekal!  He'd found a perfect spot to build a house, so I took my resources and we began to build.  I wanted something nice and quaint and built a stone cottage.  Draekal, on the other hand, built Disney's Magic Kingdom, complete with fairytale castle.  Well, not quite, but nearly.



I rather like my little place.  It's nice.  I mean, it could be fancier, but it's good, all the same.  I have windows for the first time.  And a little garden where my furnace is.  And if I could just stop bears from hanging around outside my front door, I'd be happy.  I don't know what happened, but I'm a survivor.  You won't demoralise me that easily!

Anyway, the helicopter attacked again the other day.  It followed Draekal and shot him, then latched onto me in my house.  The damn thing did so much damage to my pristine new walls.  I had to go around with my magic hammer and repair everything.  Althawadi reappeared today.  And a new guy called CaiM.  We've decided that we have to take down that chopper.  So, dear Diary, watch this space...

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