Week five: Invasion of the water buckets

Dear Diary,

I'm beginning to think there's a slow invasion going on.  Water buckets.  They're everywhere.  You expect to find things again and again, I suppose, the commonplace items, but this is ridiculous.  Water bucket, water bucket, water bucket.  If I had a pound for every water bucket I found over the course of a day, I'd be rich beyond my wildest dreams.  Or I'd have about £20.  I guess my dreams are pretty tame.


Water buckets aside, it's been an interesting week.  I helped CaiM, who lives on an island, build the worst bridge ever to be built in the history of people building bad bridges.  It's functional, but boy is it ugly.


CaiM's house is lovely.  Still a work in progress at this stage, but it's like a plantation manor off of the deep south.  Except he grows pumpkins.  



When I returned home, I found a bear in my house.  Bears are funny things, they tend to be able to magically pass through the foundations of buildings.  Thankfully, I sleep upstairs and these animals appear incapable of negotiating such fixtures, so I sleep soundly knowing that.  Plus, I always sleep with a gun beside my bed.  Just in case they suddenly learn.  Daleks did.  And if all else fails, I can turn a bear into a pin cushion with my bow and arrows.  


Meanwhile, Draekal has named our settlement, Chocolate Rosebudville.  It sounds very sweet, doesn't it.  I'm not sure what inspired the name, but I quite like it.  It sounds fresh, like a morning dew.  


And we met someone new the other day, as well.  Kalion, who likes to work with her tits out.  Well, we all have our own little tics, don't we.


Kalion is building a house near the airfield.  On top of some rocks.  It looks terribly perilous, but I guess it's better than having a ground-level place that can be attacked from all sides.  You gotta be thinking about raiders, see!  


Well, that's about enough of me wittering on.  I best go and see if I can find any more water buckets.

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