Nintendo not really doing much for E3 this year

Nintendo haven't done much for E3 for a few years now, but with their new console, codenamed the NX, just been announced for March 2017, you'd expect them to have their shiny new console offering at the world's biggest electronics expo, wouldn't you?  Well, wouldn't you?  Nintendo being Nintendo have said "well, I'm not gonna" or words to that effect, bringing instead a look at its new Legend of Zelda game, which will be playable for the first time at E3.


Sure, a new Zelda game is something to look forward to and of course they'll be bringing more to the party than just that, but it seems that the lure of the bright lights and booths of E3 just doesn't do it for Nintendo any more.  Let's just hope that the company's maverick ways see them have continued success in shunning the norm; Sony and Microsoft focused on hardcore gamers and Nintendo brought out the Wii, after all.  And that was, to be fair, a very shrewd move.  

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