Hitman: GO coming to a VR machine near you

Virtual reality.  We hear a lot about it, don't we.  And a lot of people are releasing games for Oculus Rift and Gear VR, such as this port from Square Enix: turn-based strategy kill-em-up, Hitman: GO.  Here are some 'facts' from the 'fact sheet':

  • features 91 levels, including the Paris Opera from Hitman: Blood Money and St. Petersburg Stakeout from Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
  • Oculus Rift will run the game at 90 frames per second and offers "seamless headtracking"
  • it all looks like little scale models
  • kinda like a board game
  • Agent 47 is still bald
  • the game is "reimagined" and "immersive" with VR and allows you to experience the game in a "completely new way"

And here is a screenshot, for good measure.


The Oculus Rift version will set you back $9.99, while the Gear VR version will cost $7.99 and both will be available from 12 May.

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