Post-communist gaming: Introduction

Greetings, comrades!

It's me, your glorious leader! For those of you who have been here on UFO Gamers before its' inevitable great ressurection, I'm Remus, and I have an anger problem. But actually, I don't. I have the misfortune of being alive in 2016, and that pisses me off and gives me enough to bitch about, every hour of every day. I used to enjoy things, really. I used to be happy in a past life, but now the only thing that keeps me warm at night is the thought that actually, violence IS the answer, even if it's just verbal violence.

And yes. I am talking about this gaming life, not about my issues that only a professional can deal with. 

I do understand that nostalgia is shitty sometimes, and I do understand that the past was full of awful UI designs, but at the same time, it brought great gems into the light, gems that gave its users a sense of joy, wonder and sometimes even bliss.

So instead of bumbling at every bad thing that the games industry produces, I'll try to analyzie the good things that the past brought us, that influenced generations of game-designers, but also the horrible decisions that the industry has made. 

Until just 26-ish years ago, my home country has suffered through more than half a century of communism. Although that threat has long since faded away, the awful choices that this country has made from 1990 on forward, has made (around half of) its population nostalgic for the totalitarian regime. How sad is that?


I have no idea why I recently saw an analogy between communism and the game-industry, but I did, and from this moment on, each week (or maybe more often) I'll talk about the GLORIOUS PAST, SO GLORIOUS THAT IT UNITES OUR PARTY IN JOY AND FULFILLMENT, COMRADES. 

P.C. Gaming: Post-Communist Gaming

- When FPSes had health-meters, RPGs were isometric and adventure games were mostly shit.

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